Bridging the communication gap through integrated digital asset management platform

Capital intensive Industries as Oil & Gas and Chemicals were early adopters of digitalization in the process streams and administrative tasks. The current industry paradigm lets the assets’ condition and yields relegated to a more discrete follow up.

Several studies indicate that 66% of refineries register more than 4 days of unscheduled stops [source: Aspentech | white paper]. The same studies also refer that an unplanned (or planed) day of downtime can put in jeopardy up to 4 million USD or more in revenue. Additionally, as much as 43% of unplanned downtime is caused by equipment failure [source: Emerson, Focus on reliability to improve availability, profitability and safety.]

Meaning: assets need their condition to be managed carefully in order to realize the greatest benefit and return.

Most of today’s shop floor equipment don’t communicate their condition to users, neither their status is integrated in business information. Overcome of this communication gap is one of the pivot for assets’ efficiency increase, operational expenditure and unscheduled stops reduction.

When your assets aren’t reliable, you can’t maintain your schedule or operate within budget.

The full integration of the equipment and process monitoring is fundamental to get a fully developed model of the assets (digital twin), allowing decision’ makers to get the full potential of their plants.

By bridging equipment communication’s gap and integrating the information in “smart” business oriented KPI’s it is possible to answer important questions such as: what is the most adequate (efficiency and lifetime) pump the operation can use? Is preheating train working at  max efficiency? Will the compressor run until the next planned stop?

A continuous integrated data compilation and processing can produce insight to current and expected equipment health and performance, reducing unscheduled stops and reducing operation costs, respectively.

With digitalization, supported by big data, and artificial intelligent to produce predictive models, the decision makers gain necessary insights to schedule maintenance that supports their production goals.

Make your assets the drivers for your success with UNO Platform.

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