Life at UNO

Life at UNO

At UNO we see people as the engine for success. Our highly professional contributors are the most essential part of our strategy. That’s why we believe in transparency and collaboration within the work environment and in providing the most innovative technological tools for our team to strive.

Flexibility and brainstorming represent the basis of everyday life at UNO. In order to build solid work relationships, the integration of every single team element is key. Each opinion and idea brings, for us, valuable insights taken into consideration in the shaping process of our business architecture.

UNO’s team is, therefore, a melting pot of people of various fields, combined to create solutions that answer different needs. We are ambitious, driven and focused on bringing the future closer and available to everyone.

Our team members work closely together daily, switching and exchanging information that ultimately lead to healthy and necessary discussions. In the work place, there are no nonsense questions, there are no irrelevant themes and no bad ideas. Instead, we look at every contribution as a new step to another stage finalized.

We face one task after the other with our minds always set in the bigger goal, preparing ourselves and our colleagues for the new challenges ahead, taking part in a new future.

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