Capital intensive Industries as Oil & Gas and Chemicals were early adopters of digitalization in the process streams and administrative tasks. The current industry paradigm lets the assets’ condition and yields relegated to a more discrete follow-up.

Several studies indicate that 66% of refineries register more than 4 days of unscheduled stops [source: Aspentech | white paper]. The same studies also refer that an unplanned (or planned) day of downtime can put in jeopardy up to 4 million USD or more in revenue. Additionally, as much as 43% of unplanned downtime is caused by equipment failure [source: Emerson, Focus on reliability to improve availability, profitability, and safety.

Life at UNO

At UNO we see people as the engine for success. Our highly professional contributors are the most essential part of our strategy. That’s why we believe in transparency and collaboration within the work environment and in providing the most innovative technological tools for our team to strive.

On the 4th of December, UNO received the visit of the Portuguese Industry State secretary, Ana Lehmann. The objective of this visit was to present UNO’s Horizon 2020 project and to meet the team.

We had the opportunity to talk about our new brand, UNO – Means you know, as well as our platform and development plans.


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